Monday, September 20, 2010

Lobo Vs Wolverine (14 years old Drawings)

On April 96 Marvel VS DC was released. I was 14 years old and comics was my life. I had no formal training in drawing a comic book. I would just copy as much as I could from the artists. I had no notion of anatomy, perspective and story telling. I was very pretentious and I thought I was just as great as any of the comic book artists and could be getting money and fame. However, when I tried I would often get stuck. When I showed my comics to people they wouldn't understand a thing. Ofcourse I would say was their fault, but I think I really realised that I sucked and needed proper training with Lobo VS Wolverine. Usually I would draw comics with my own characters, but I hated Lobo VS Wolverine so much. I had to make it better and show the world the truth. I used to draw Wolverine and Lobo all the time. They were my favorites, but I never would draw the in a comic, just poses I would shamelessly copy.

This is how it went. They felt behind the bar and Wolverine came out as a champion. I hate this comic! There is no way this could happen and if it did show me how! So I tried to make it better.

Lots of Spawn influence! I would invent so many muscle that don't exists. Don't even try to read it... Wow! I was terrible at inking!I found these on my Mom's house.The funny thing is I never finished. I was doing bad at school, and that took my time. I was evolving faster than I could finish my drawings, so I would lose interest on them.
Not bad for a 14 year old. Basically my hate for a comic book and my love for comics made realise that I had lots to learn and I still do.

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