Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I always wanted to do something with Jaspion. He was one of my favorites Sentai character. I wandered how would they make it today? I know that Sentai shows are still been made in Japan but, what if Jaspion was still popular today?
Then one day I decide to redesign Jaspion, Maybe for a cartoon show or a comic book. I never understood why this never made to the USA. Instead they made a stupid ripoff of Changeman (Power Rangers).
Jaspion had a complex storyline. With lot o f alien, robots, cyborg, space travel, time travel, mythological creatures, giant monsters, guns, cars, bikes, women,... It was awesome!

Here is MacGaren son of Satangost. The final battle against Jaspion is something I never forgot. I used to get so exited with this stuff, that I would have endless battles with my cousin destroying the house.

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