Friday, January 13, 2012

Animation Outsourcing

There is absolutely no reason to outsource cartoons. Cost is irrelevant. Realistically how much more expensive are we? The greedy corporate brains fails to understand how quality will make up for that cost difference. Every step in making a cartoon is a potential creative process and the animation step is the most important of all. It is where the acting takes place, and acting is what connects the audience to the characters. Hiring Tom Hanks won't save your shitty animation! What you see now is a snapping pose to pose with stock expressions and visuals that don't match the audio (acting). The solution that this assholes came up to mend the lack of visual gags and pretty much visual everything, was to hire a bunch of soap opera writers to write cartoons. Compare the new "Looney Tunes" show with the originals. All they do is talk! I don't need cartoon characters to talk! Real people can talk, so why even bother with animating here or in Indonesia or anywhere. If all they do is talk. Family guy could be a radio show! Try just listen to the audio, its better than watching, and you can draw some real animation at the same time. The reality is that nobody is actually making cartoons anymore. There are attempts to cartoons, made by soap opera writers. Cartoonists make cartoons.

If I offend any of you soup opera cartoon writers... good.

here some good acting by Master Clampett

here is some sitcom crap